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26891718_MWhen it comes to the management of commercial facilities, schedules are key. Operational times fit a set schedule and do not deviate. Different departments follow whatever schedule can optimize efficiency. Employees follow suit.

But when it comes to commercial cleaning services, contractors rarely take into account a given facility’s routine and rhythm. Those services tend to get scheduled independently, making management conform to cleaning schedules.

We think it should be the other way around — so we’ve built our service to accommodate you. Before we get to work, a System4 facility service manager will sit down with you to create a customized work schedule that itemizes each service you want performed. What’s more, you get to tell us exactly when you’d like an individual service — and that’s when we’ll deliver.

With our broad range of cleaning services, chances are strong we can meet your facility’s requirements. Consider that you can choose among the following:

  • trash disposal
  • sweeping and mopping
  • bathroom disinfection and sanitization
  • dusting
  • wood floor care
  • machine scrubbing hard floors
  • burnishing vinyl floors
  • stripping and refinishing
  • hot water extraction
  • dry chemical cleaning
  • all other janitorial services

Size is of little concern. We can provide our customized cleaning schedule at big-box retailers all the way down to small offices. So whatever industry your business occupies, don’t settle for off-the-shelf cleaning services that set their own schedule. At System4, we’ll meet yours.