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65510160 - family doctor checking smiling senior asian woman using stethoscopeHow often have you heard the phrase “time is money?” Medical facilities managers know this to be the case. Medical cleaning is very different than general office cleaning. There are compliance and safety issues that go well beyond mopping a few floors and emptying trash cans. Health can be on the line if there is negligence.

Adding to the already overloaded facility manager’s duties is the discouraging fact that many commercial cleaning companies talk a big game but don’t follow through. In a general office setting, this might result in a few months of trying to get the job done that you were promised. However, in a healthcare setting, the stakes can be higher.

Feeling burdened by the never-ending work that seems to come with maintaining a sterile and tidy facility? If you’re looking for ways to increase both productivity and the bottom line, a commercial cleaning service might be the answer to your prayers.

More billable hours

Distractions take away from patient care and overall productivity. Outsourcing cleaning activities leaves more hours in the day to actually see paying patients.

Patient retention

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure the first one patients have of you is positive. An office staff that’s clean and tidy is the first step towards keeping a patient for life.

Referrals galore

Happy patients don’t only keep follow-up appointments – they refer friends and family to the wonderful doctor who helped them so much. Each time you retain a patient, it comes with the potential for more business. A call service that saves time, money and patient relationships? Now that’s worth its weight in gold!

So, as you can see it really pays to leave this work to the experts. For a free cleanliness assessment contact, us today:(801) 994-6924