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95793132 - female entrepreneur  business executive manager in office workplaceAre your employees happy? There’s a definitive link between productivity and the level of happiness among a company’s employees. The writing is on the wall and more companies and managers are finally acknowledging the link between productivity and a worker’s emotional state.

Artisanal snacks and ping pong tables may be great to boost morale, but are you missing something more obvious? Did you know that workplace cleanliness enters into this equation?

Keeping a work environment clean offers numerous benefits related to employee health and safety, including:

  • Curbing germs and disease. The germs that cause the cold and flu are more common than you might think in office environments. Frequently and thoroughly cleaning commonly used areas like door handles, phones and desks, is one way to get a handle on this problem.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety. Cluttered and filthy spaces cramp workers’ style. This can then have a negative impact on office morale. Make the investment in a regular cleaning program to prevent undue stress.
  • Decreasing the risk of accidents or injuries. Cleanliness is part of risk management. For example, tending to spills and leaks in a timely matter can cut down on preventable accidents and workers compensation claims.

Bottom line? Your people are worth it. Show them you care and they’ll reward you with loyalty.