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38383072_MWe take great pride in helping our clients succeed. But that isn’t done in a vacuum. We rely on communication on the part of the client to help them get the most from our services. That said, here are some factors that can make or break the partnership:

Buy-in from managers: Those in the C-suite need to be on board and fully engaged. We welcome meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. Those at the top need to have a good understanding of the outsourced area.

Partnership mentality: We’re in this together. When the relationship is one of collaboration, everyone benefits. We will meet with you to gain a full understanding of the services you desire and more importantly, how a service program can be structured to reduce your cost and exceed your expectations.

Mutual respect: It’s critical that our arrangement is based on equal stature. That means clients must treat outsourced staff with the same respect and camaraderie as internal employees.

Feedback: You tell us what you need and we listen. You don’t have to pay a company to manage all your vendors. Typically you pay a percentage of all the managed services; System4 does this at no charge for you. If you bundle services with System4 you will see a savings from what your total costs are today.

If you are a facility coordinator or manager, we can simplify your daily routine by sourcing and overseeing qualified service providers to meet your needs. What can we do for you? (801) 994-6924