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63969662_MYou might wonder how often you should have your facility cleaned. The short answer: it depends. Every work environment is different and so it’s important to find the rhythm that best serves you and your needs. Here are a few things to take into account when making this determination:

Purpose of the space

Naturally, a small commercial office is going to have different needs than a high-traffic and germ-prone building like a school. Typically, spaces that do not house or serve food commercially require a weekly visit. Of course, this can change according to the number of people and their habits. And before and after special events — like a company holiday party for example — when you’ll want some extra help.

Common practices and policies

Another thing to take into account is your policy regarding eating. Some offices allow employees to eat anywhere, while others might insist on a dedicated space like a break room for this activity. As you can imagine, a workplace with less stringent requirements may require more frequent cleanings. It’s important to be realistic about your employees’ habits and how they might affect the cleanliness and sanitation of your facility. No one wants to smell a rotting apple in a trashcan, after all!

As, we’ve mentioned before, a clean office is good for business. Businesses that make this a priority enjoy greater employee morale, worker productivity and generally have a more favorable reputation. We can help you determine the frequency of cleanings that is right for your office. And the best part is we don’t require long-term contracts.

If you are a facility coordinator or manager, we can simplify your daily routine by sourcing and overseeing qualified service providers to meet your needs. You tell us what you need and when you need it. We deliver. Give us a call today: (801) 994-6924

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